Beth Ingle

“Do what you say, say what you do.”

Beth Ingle spent 12 years in manufacturing. Beth began her career in the tire industry and four years later made the transition to food manufacturing. Once in a food facility she never left; working her way from distribution to sales/marketing, then into operations. The exposure to the different departments within a facility gave Beth a true appreciation for the many nuances that are required daily to produce products. When promoted to Operations Manager her life took another turn. Beth understood the time commitments that would be required of such a position and was willing. However after 6 years she knew it was time to put her family first.

In 1994 Beth took her manufacturing experience and started her own company, BLI Co. The sole purpose was to assist manufacturing facilities in obtaining State money to train their workforce. What began as a part time business, soon turned into a full time operation; Beth again, with her back ground has always had an affinity for the manufactures and the struggles that happen daily to stay viable in a global environment. With money being at a premium for these facilities, training dollars are necessary to improve bottom lines through education, skill sets, and workers longevity. In 2015 Beth joined the staff of PSIG Inc. to promote ammonia training to some of the same manufactures that she had assisted in obtaining money for training. Beth is excited to assist businesses in meeting their needs through education and can be reached directly at (209) 545-0770 should you wish to discuss your training needs, schedule a site visit by Michael Schreck or Michelle Schlefstein.

With 24 years of experience supporting President, Vice President, Operations Manager, Engineer and running my own business providing support services is second nature. Currently, I support not-for-profit organizations and manufacturing companies with the administrative talent to obtain State money for training. Over the course of 18 years we have assisted businesses in receiving more than $12 million dollars in funds and our clients have a 92% return on approved performance based contracts. Budgets, creating and presenting presentations to executive boards, observing and recommending personnel changes are a small aspect of the services offered.

We work with state agencies, attend and conduct audits, plan training venues throughout the State of California for upwards of 200+ trainees. Participate in planning and executing personnel changes within organizations while working with many different personalities to achieve positive results and delivery with outside agencies etc. Providing mediation between State agencies and internal management can require diplomacy and quick thinking, something that is required to deal with unforeseen situations and the day to day operations.