Emergency Response

Emergency Response for the Industrial Refrigeration Operator or Manager

These 8/24/40 Hr courses are geared towards emergency response personnel who may be tasked with resolving an accidental release of ammonia at a refrigeration facility. Students will be taught the skills necessary to assess a release and interact with any public agents or agencies that may also respond. This course is offered as an 8 hr basic information refresher, a 24 hr introductory and first responder or a 40 hr HazWOPER format. This course teaches the three basic tenants of Process Safety Management to ensure safe work conditions for employees and the environment.

  1. Operate the Facility as Designed
  2. Prepare for Operational Releases
  3. Establish an Emergency Action Plan

Books and replacement certificates are available upon request. Contact our offices with any questions or requests.

2018 Training Dates

  • 24 Hr (Initial) March 6th – 8th Modesto, CA
  • 8 Hr (Refresher) March 9th Modesto, CA
  • 24 Hr (Initial) May 1st – 3rd Monterey Bay, CA
  • 8 Hr (Refresher) May 4th Monterey Bay, CA
  • 24 Hr (Initial) July 10th – 12th Monterey Bay, CA
  • 8 Hr (Refresher) July 13th Monterey Bay, CA
  • 24 Hr (Initial) October 23rd – 25th Fresno, CA
  • 8 Hr ( Refresher) October 26th Fresno, CA