Industrial Refrigeration

Operator I Basic Refrigeration & Entry Level Refresher Course (CARO Prep)

Five days of training providing the fundamentals of industrial refrigeration in practical terms and applying them to the site or system that the attendee is familiar with. This course is geared for the entry level operator or manager with limited to no experience in industrial refrigeration. The class begins with ammonia safety demonstrations and discussions. It continues with fundamentals of refrigeration, refrigeration terminology, refrigeration system components (evaporators, condensers, compressors, valves, vessels, etc.) while using RETA’s Industrial Refrigeration Study Course books. The practical goals of this course are to have each attendee leave with a sound understanding of their own plant’s system, reduce maintenance hours, extend the component life cycle and operate efficiently, be able to draw their system, and discuss said system in proper refrigeration terms. The course ends with preparation for the entry level certification exam.

(This course offered in Spanish)

Operator II Intermediate Refrigeration & Advanced Certification Exam Prep (CIRO Prep)

This course continues where the Basic Refrigeration left off. It is geared towards individuals with at least two years of ammonia refrigeration experience who plan on taking the CIRO exam. We continue review the ammonia safety demonstrations and discussions; intermediate/advanced fundamentals of refrigeration, refrigeration terminology and refrigeration system components using RETA’s Industrial Refrigeration Study Course books. Additional demonstrations and discussions are scheduled on such topics as: oil draining, stop valve safety and proper operation, back pressure regulator valve operation and troubleshooting, checking compressor safeties and a study of different types of evaporators, liquid feeds, secondary refrigerants and how heat is transferred. This course will end with study of the advanced level certification exam.

Operator III – NEW for 2017 May 15th- 19th 2017

PSIG Inc. is offering a 40-hr Operator III (Advanced Refrigeration) RETA Book III Plant Maintenance and Related Items Course focusing on maintenance mechanics, operators and service technicians.

Students who have completed both Operator I and II will get the most out of this course, however
the course is also geared for the end user, service technician, job planner and managers to get a better understanding of safe, sound efficient maintenance practices and procedures following industry standards, codes and RAGAGEP. The course is supplemented with PSIG instructor presentation tools which incorporate widely used training aids designed specifically for the ammonia refrigeration industry. Our goal is upon completion of this course, and once this knowledge is applied by the student, they should be capable of saving time, energy and extending the life cycle of the components and the complete process.

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