Mechanical Integrity


Government regulations mandate owner/operators of chemical storage and process facilities use Mechanical Integrity (MI) programs . These plans must be updated on a regular basis. PSIG can assist you in meeting these requirements. PSIG will deliver a Mechanical Integrity Audit, providing the information necessary to customize a program for your facility by performing:


Evaluations and Calculations
Repair Recommendations
Non-Destructive Testing
Maintenance Tasks
Applicable Codes and Standards
Correction of Deficiencies in Equipment
Storage of Hazardous Chemicals
Facility Safety

PSIG can perform these tasks to assist any organization in becoming Federal and/or State compliant. PSIG delivers quality inspections, forms and procedures for gathering data to ensure detailed and accurate results time after time. We also build an electronic copy of your program that may be used as a binder itself. This allows for greater ease of use and a compact redundant back up for the binder on the self.

If a regulator walked into you’re facility and asked for your Program Level 2 or Level 3 tomorrow would you know what that is? Do you know where it is? Is it the most recent version, have you been working it and can you prove that? When was the last time you checked your piping insulation for corrosion? If you are unsure about any of these questions we can help you, please contact our office for an onsite evaluation or quote.